Lady Gaga Appears Unretouched In CR Fashion Shoot

Lady Gaga Appears Unretouched In CR Fashion Shoot

Fans of Lady Gaga know that the pop star actually enjoys sharing pictures of herself without makeup on her Instagram. The funny thing is that we are now accustomed to seeing her both with eccentric makeup and gowns and all-natural beauty at home. She seems to have no problem with putting her natural self on display. This was most recently demonstrated in pictures taken for CR Fashion Book #7, where she posed in bridal dresses and without any makeup.

In the shots taken by photographer Bruce Weber, Gaga poses unretouched in several stunning photos. The pop star seems to be getting into the spirit of her upcoming wedding, set to take place later this year to fiancé Taylor Kinney. Faithful to her out-of-the-ordinary essence, she not only wore a traditional white dress but also a not-so-common black ensemble.

In the interview with Bruce Weber, Gaga talked about many things, including her upcoming wedding, moments with her fiancé, and her role in American Horror Story: Hotel.  She commented on expressing herself through different mediums: “I believe it’s everyone’s natural right to express themselves beyond what we learn as children. I’m much better at communicating through my work. Sometimes I feel like, even with my fiancé, I’ll tell him I feel a certain way, but then he understands me better if I create a song and play it for him. I wrote a song for him the other day and it really sat with him because it was something I couldn’t say with words, only through song.”

Gaga has also expressed how she is taking her aging process (she is almost 30 years old) and how jazz music will always be an important part of her artistic agenda. 

When asked about the decision to shoot an unretouched Gaga in bridal dresses, the magazine’s founder Carine Roitfeld said: “I wanted to show her completely natural, all herself."