Extensions For Eyebrows Making A Splash

Extensions For Eyebrows Making A Splash

You read that right – forget extensions for the hair on your head, women are now delving into the new trend of eyebrow extensions.

More and more models have been hitting the runway (and their everyday driveways at home) while sporting thicker, fuller eyebrows. The fashion industry has taken note, and now the fad is hitting mainstream society. As salon owners and style mavens exalt the new look, perhaps the days of over-tweezing your brows is over. After all, thick, full eyebrows exude a more youthful appearance, something women are constantly striving for.

The process involves meeting with a brow specialist who determines the best brow shape and thickness for your face shape. Most of the time, choosing the right brow shape and fullness depends on the hair on your head; the thicker your mane, the fuller you will want your eyebrows to be. Another factor that women should take into consideration is the size of their forehead; a smaller forehead would not accommodate ultra-thick brows, of course.

The eyebrow extensions themselves are quite similar to those of eyelashes, and are applied to the face using an FDA-approved adhesive which is safe for skin. The extensions can be joined to the already existing brows, or women can choose to start from scratch. Those who suffer from hair loss due to skin conditions or chemotherapy can also use brow extensions.

Extensions last for about two weeks and cost between fifty dollars and a couple hundred.