Movies that changed the fashion forever

Movies that changed the fashion forever

We all love watching movies, it's because they relax us, or we want to find a deeper meaning in them.

There are those who have changed a lot of things in the world with their influence, and some of them changed the fashion forever. Since then, nothing is the same.

As we mentioned before Audrey Hepburn was one of the biggest inspirations when it comes to both personality and fashion. The movie that launched her among the stars is definitely " Breakfast at Tiffany's ".

Her character Holly Golightly defined elegance, and that's why she became one of the biggest fashion icons in the world.

Then we have " La dolce vita " where you can see a seductive Anita Ekberg in a bikini, which shows off her beautiful curves, and this movie helped women to become more confident about their body.

" Clueless " had made a fashion revolution back in 1995. It had showed us that even at the young age while you are still at high school, fashion is the number one priority. And we all know the famous " As if " statement.

On the other hand, you have " Gone with the wind " where you can see a lot of romantic costumes, that are pure evidence of maybe innocent time and love. Even though this movie is pretty dramatic while we are looking at them, we are looking at a fairytale, not a movie about war.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is definitely a symbol of style and sophistication.

La dolce vita presents sensuality and sex appeal

Clueless presents superficial and blinded by fashion girls, and Gone with the wind with all those beautiful gowns gives a romantic touch to everything.