Four glamorous women who wear a hijab

Four glamorous women who wear a hijab

According to Edina Lekovic from the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the hijab’s "core idea is that it's supposed to be a symbol of modesty and of a woman's intellectual ability over her physical beauty and sexuality.” The following are four of these glamorous women who wear a hijab.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ibtihaj Muhammad is a member of the U.S. fencing team.  She is a prominent saber fencer, born in New Jersey on December 4, 1985.  She is the first Muslim/American to wear a hijab in the Olympics opening ceremony and win a medal. 

Haneefah Adam

Haneefah is another glamorous and prominent woman from Nigeria.  In 2016, at age 26, she was manufacturing her own dolls. Within this line of work, she created the "Hijabie". 

“I’m a self-taught designer, I love making dresses and started showing interest in them over 10 years ago. Hijarbie’s outfits are inspired by normal everyday looks of a Muslim girl which are all handmade by me. I currently own and run a modest lifestyle brand, Hanie, where we will be selling modest outfits, accessories and expand to home accessories as well.”

Halima Aden

Aden, born in 1997, relocated to St. Cloud, Minnesota with her family from a Kenyan refugee camp. The first time Halima made headlines was during the competition of Miss Minnesota USA where she modeled in a bathing suit with a modest swimsuit for women and a hijab. 

She signed a 3-year modeling contract with IMG Models in 2017.

Amena Khan 

With a mix of beauty and cuteness, Amena Khan, model for L'oreal, became the first woman with a hijab to star in a mainstream hair ad.  

About a month ago, Khan announced that she was retiring from her ambassador role for  L'oreal Paris UK due to bad reviews from people.