Solange Knowles says: add color

Solange Knowles says: add color

In the beginning, Solange Knowles was only known as Beyonce’s sister, but she proved to be as talented as her sister. She is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, a model, and an actress. Just like her sister, she showed interest in music from very young. She was only 16 when she launched her first album.

She decided that she wanted to do more than just music, so she starred in several movies, and all of them were a success. Her career was just getting better and better, and she could not be more pleased. She has written songs for various famous singers, and even for her sister’s band, Destiny’s Child. Solange declared more than once that she admires her sister, but she does not want to become her twin; she is a brave young woman who wants to build her own castle.

In the last months, she has received the attention of everyone as she is apparently working on a new album. After dedicating time for her family, Solange finally decided that she needed to take care of her career and she started working on her new masterpiece.

Some are even saying that the singer is planning a tour at the end of the next year, but none of her producers have discussed this. Well, rumors are always partially true, so her fans are more excited than ever to see the next move for Solange.

Solange is one of the most stylish stars, and she is always on the list of well-dressed singers. Her mantra is “add color” to whatever you are wearing. Make a statement with whatever outfit you wear. Color is never out of style.