What's the fashion statement of the 'bralette'?

What's the fashion statement of the 'bralette'?

A ‘bralette’ is a bra without the wires or the padding. It is lacey and ultra feminine. It is most suitable for women with small breasts. It is soft and aims more to enhance the shape of the bust rather than supporting it.

A fashionista who isn't afraid to let her bra show can make bold fashion choices that don't necessarily make you cringe. The fashion statement is to make sure the bralette is shown off in a fun and a stylish way. According to Cosmopolitan, there are 16 different ways to make a fashion statement with the ‘bralette’. Here are a few ways:

Showing off a bright and colorful bra under a sheer top. With a sheer top it is almost impossible to hide the bra. So take a chance and play with the outfit.

Wear the bra that matches the dress. If the dress is an elegant lace number, then pick a bra that matches that style.

Customise the bra straps to match the outfit. You can buy bra straps to match your skirt or pants instead of sticking to the usual black, white or nude.

Match the neckline of your top or dress with that of the bra. It’s a great way to accentuate the neckline.

Wearing a strappy top? Match it with a strappy bra. You can contrast colors to make a statement.

Add color to a colorless shirt or top. Choose a fun color to contrast with a boring beige or a basic white tee.

Add color to a plain suit. Choose a bralette that can double as a camisole and wear it under a jacket or open blouse.

Unbuttoned just a bit. Your lacey bralette can be shown off a tad bit if you open up the top button of a full sleeved shirt.