Aaliyah's style continues 15 years after her death

Aaliyah's style continues 15 years after her death

With social influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Jaden smith, and Gigi Hadid bringing the 90s’ back, it’s no wonder that Aaliyah’s style continues 15 years after her death.

Aaliyah was known as the princess of R&B and a favorite for every 80’s kid who grew up loving Hip hop and R&B songs. She was right there, in line with Missy Elliott, TLC, and even rockers like Gwen Stefani. She made her mark in the 90’s with her voice, her music, and her iconic style.

Why is she so relevant even now?

Long before Jaden Smith popularized the genderless fashion style; it was Aaliyah who broke the code. She was known to be tomboyish, but she never let that side hide her femininity or sexiness. She was the first to embody the trend of crop tops and oversized jeans, sweat suits, or fitted leather pants. Aaliyah even wore a skirt with two slits in her video “Are you that somebody”. This trend is slowly picking up even today. 

Aaliyah frequently wore Tommy Hilfiger gear. Complete with the oversized pants and jacket, her midriff was always bare. She wore Hilfiger at events, in her music videos and even on the red carpet. In fact, Tommy was so inspired by her that they worked together on the line and changed the personality of the clothes. The Tommy girl was preppy before Aaliyah came in and changed it. All this just at the age of 17!

Bralette fashion statements? Aaliyah made them15 years ago by wearing strappy and colorful bras underneath her oversized Tommy gear. She even wore the feminine lace bralettes under lacy dresses in her music videos.

Aaliyah’s sense of fashion and style was truly way ahead of the times.