Best street styles at Cannes Festival

Best street styles at Cannes Festival

The world of fashion is mysterious and always full of surprises, and this year’s Cannes Festival was yet another display of this. From charming ladies to elegant gentleman, we had the chance to see many different styles – some were great and some were forgettable. There are always some who don’t really follow the theme of the Festival, but we are more focused on the ones who managed to get the perfect look with classy and special styles.

Amal and George Clooney are, of course, one of the most elegant couples participating in the festival. He knows how to dress casual but classy, and she matches his style perfectly.

Eva Longoria was not a surprise, as she is well known for her sense of fashion. She went for a relaxed, breezy white dress that looked perfect on her body. Paired with a pair of sunglasses, she was one of the stars of the Festival.

Kim Kardashian is always trying to get everyone’s attention. With a white dress and a pair of beige boots, the wife of Kanye West showed a different style.

Last but not the least was Victoria Beckham who appeared in a pair of extra-long wide pants with white piping and a simple white shirt. Her comfortable outfit was paired with a black shoulder bag and spike heels. She is always elegant, classy, and beautiful no matter what she decides to wear.