The Booby-Trap bra

The Booby-Trap bra

A Texas woman has designed and created a sports bra that comes with a hidden compartment to hide a knife or pepper spray for protection.

April Jennifer Cutrona was training near her home in Wimberley, Texas. Last year, she was running along a bike trail to participate in marathon and she was assaulted by a man. She escaped from the man but the incident left her scared.

After this Incident, Cutrona, the mother of two boys, thought about women’s safety and designed a “Sports Bra” which comes with a small pocket in front to hold a custom-made knife or a pepper spray for self-defence. These protection bras come in two designs:

  • “Just in Case Knife Bra” - holds a knife which has to be purchased separately.
  • “Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra” - comes with blue dye added to it and helps the police to identify the suspect.

Cutrona calls these Sports Bras “Just in Case Bra’s” and also said that there is a magnet attached so that the knife or pepper spray doesn’t fall out. The “Booby- Trap Bra” is designed for physical activities, such as exercising and running.

In an interview, Cutrona stated that she looked for something similar on the market that would keep women protected but was unsuccessful in her search. Immediately, she filed for the patent rights and started to work with a pattern designer. Cutrona also added, “Hopefully there will be no need for the knife or pepper spray but in case, it is always there to protect”.


The bra is available via her online store. She has also designed a sleeve that can be worn by both men and women. The sleeve has built in pockets which can hold a mobile phone and knife.